Filled with clove bud pure essential oil*, dried Pakistani rose petals, dried English lavender and jasmine rice; our Love Heart pillows provide a natural remedy to relieve stomach and back cramps. 

With a warm & spicy aroma, clove bud oil is an anti-inflammatory spice containing eugenol; effective in relieving & reducing an array of menstrual discomforts. Dried rose petals are rich in antioxidants which can help to soothe cramping pains and emotional symptoms. Lavender has wonderful calming properties. 

By gently microwaving the pillow, natural aromas are released; creating a warm, comforting experience when placed on the lower stomach or back. 

Each pillow is supplied with a detailed user guide for heating instructions and FAQ's.


*Clove bud essential oil is not suitable for use during pregnancy.

Love Heart Pillow