Why not try our handmade cleaning Scrubbies as an alternative to plastic & chemical soaked sponges. Made from 100% cotton printed fronts, with an antibacterial bamboo & cotton inner core, upcycled hessian coffee sack scrubby side and a hemp hanging cord; they are perfect for scrubbing away dirt. 

Suitable for using as a dish sponge, wiping down surfaces and even cleaning the shower/bath.  

Once you have finished using your scrubby, rinse, wring it out and hang up to dry. Machine washable at 40oc maximum (do not tumble dry). 

Once it has been scrubbed out and reached the end of its life, you can chop it up (including the cotton label!) and throw on your compost heap where it will biodegrade naturally! 

Sold as a pack of 2

Funky Mushrooms & Happy Snails Cleaning Scrubbies